Le Aziende Agricole

Le aziende agricole stanno evolvendo oltre il loro ruolo tradizionale di produttori alimentari, diventando dei presidi per la tutela ambientale, la conservazione delle tradizioni rurali e l'offerta di esperienze ricreative e di ospitalità. Perciò nel progetto Active Sardinia le aziende agricole rivestono il ruolo chiave di guardiani della cultura rurale e pionieri in un approccio più integrato e sostenibile all'agricoltura e al turismo

Manca winery

Revitalizing a Family Legacy Nestled in the scenic Atzara, Manca Winery emerges as a vibrant newcomer in the Sardinian wine scene. Founded by Marco Manca, this nascent venture revitalizes his grandfather's winemaking legacy with a blend of pride and innovation, focusing on the esteemed Mandrolisai wine.
Minnoi: a symphony of land and tradition
Embarking on a journey of marketing and bottling, Manca Winery makes a striking debut with Minnoi, its first wine. More than a mere product, this Mandrolisai DOC wine embodies the essence of the region, marrying tradition and quality to reflect Marco's passion and the company's ethos.
A pledge to nature's harmony
Youthful yet conscientious, Manca Winery is deeply committed to sustainability and preserving biodiversity. Beyond winemaking, they cultivate chestnuts and hazelnuts, adhering to eco-friendly farming methods that help safeguard Atzara's pristine environment.
Crafting Tomorrow's Legacy
With a clear vision and lofty aspirations, Manca Winery is carving a niche in the industry, aspiring to become a beacon for connoisseurs and seekers of genuine, high-quality products. Their narrative is one of passion, excellence, and reverence for the land, a path leading them to new frontiers in the wine world.

Taglio del grappolo Mandrolisai

Antichi Sapori da Speranza

Situated in Gavoi's core, "Antichi Sapori da Speranza" stands as a beacon for those seeking genuine hospitality and the essence of traditional culinary arts. Established in 1988 by Mrs. Speranza and now tenderly overseen by her daughter Maria Ignazia, this agriturismo is a living homage to the region's culture and heritage.
Culinary tales and local delights
At the agriturismo's soul lies its restaurant, where patrons can savor dishes that narrate Gavoi's gastronomic legacy. Crafted from fresh, authentic ingredients sourced from the farm's own fields, these meals are a true testament to the region's culinary traditions.
A tranquil, nature-infused retreat
The accommodations at "Antichi Sapori da Speranza" promise a peaceful and cozy sojourn in Gavoi's heart. The hospitality, marked by unpretentious warmth, mirrors the family's dedication to perpetuating the founder's traditions.
Adventures in the great outdoors
For outdoor enthusiasts, the farm serves as a perfect launchpad for exploring the vicinity. Near Lake Gusana, guests can partake in hiking or cycling, traversing picturesque trails and immersing in the area's natural splendor.
Embracing the future
Antichi Sapori da Speranza is on a path of continuous growth. The farm is excitedly planning a new facility on a rural estate near Gavoi's center, embodying its vision of marrying tradition with innovation for a richer, more enveloping experience.
It offers more than mere accommodation; it's an experience weaving together familial warmth, local lore, and the authentic essence of Gavoi's flavors. It's an open invitation to those eager to explore Gavoi's best and immerse in a story rich and thrilling.

Terra Promessa

Nestled amidst the captivating woodlands of Tonara, Terra Promessa Farm emerges as an oasis of paradise, expertly steered by the youthful and dynamic Debora Castangia. With a firm grounding in agricultural expertise, Debora passionately perpetuates local traditions, harmonizing her love for the land with attentiveness towards the forest's natural equilibrium.
The passion for chestnuts
Chestnut passion reigns at Terra Promessa, where the production of premium chestnuts forms the core of its endeavors. The meticulously tended chestnut trees stand as a testament to Debora's dedication to preserving and elevating the region's agricultural heritage.
Honey and the blossoms of the forest
Honey, a symphony of the forest's blooms, complements chestnut production. Terra Promessa's honey collection mirrors the seasonal dance of the forest, ranging from delicate aromatic nuances to the robust intensity of chestnut honey. These flavor-rich and authentic products embody the harmonious interplay of nature and human ingenuity.
Educational and tourist experiences
A beacon of knowledge and immersive experiences, Terra Promessa Agricultural Company transcends mere production. Debora guides visitors of all ages through educational tours, revealing the secrets of sustainable agriculture and the significance of a balanced relationship with the environment.
An invitation to discover Terra Promessa
Debora Castangia's farm invites travelers to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the captivating beauty and authentic flavors of Tonara. Nestled within an enchanting forest and guided by a passionate young farmer, Terra Promessa represents a unique experience where tradition and innovation intertwine.

Castagneto Tonara
Formaggi Todde

Caseificio Todde (dairy)

By the verdant valleys between Belvì and the towering Desulo massif, in the heart of Sardinia, lies Todde Caseificio, a haven of dairy tradition and passion. This dairy is not merely a production facility; it serves as a bridge between unspoiled nature and the authentic flavors of the land.
The products of the dairy: quality and tradition
Each cheese crafted at Todde Caseificio is an embodiment of Sardinian dairy heritage. Each bite is a story of flavors, born from time-honored production methods passed down through generations. The milk used exclusively comes from local pastures, ensuring a superior quality product, brimming with a unique taste that only this mountain can impart. Todde Caseificio stands out for its artisanal production. Fatima and her family dedicate themselves with meticulous care and respect for ancient recipes, crafting exceptional cheeses, from aged pecorino to rich and creamy goat's cheese. Each product represents a masterpiece of taste and tradition.
An unmissable stop for hiking lovers
Strategically situated just outside Desulo, Todde Caseificio offers hiking enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. Conclude your nature excursion with a cheese tasting, savoring the genuine taste of Sardinia. Alternatively, start your hike by visiting the dairy, selecting the finest products for a picnic infused with taste and tradition, amidst the enchanting woodlands. This harmonious blend of nature and gastronomy creates an unforgettable experience, combining the joy of landscape exploration with the delight of the palate.
The connection with the Desulo mountain
Beyond its role as a production site, Todde Caseificio is an experience inextricably linked to the region. Passion for dairy tradition intertwines with love for the mountains and a landscape blessed with natural beauty. Embark on a journey to discover this hidden gem and immerse yourself in the genuine flavors of the land.

Il Cane Fonnese

The Cane Fonnese is the proud creation of Cristoforo and Maddalena, located at the foot of Gennargentu mountain. This multifaceted endeavor seamlessly blends two distinct branches, each dedicated to preserving and enhancing the island's rich heritage.
The breeding of the Fonnese Shepherd dog
The first branch, a testament to Cristoforo and Maddalena's unwavering commitment to animal welfare, centers on the preservation of the Fonnese Shepherd, an indigenous dog breed that embodies the spirit of Sardinia. These intelligent, loyal, and robust canines are more than just pets; they are living symbols of Sardinia's unique biodiversity. With their dedication and expertise, Cristoforo and Maddalena meticulously breed these dogs, ensuring that each puppy grows up healthy, strong, and in harmony with their surroundings.
Tradition and quality: sustainable cultivation and breeding
The second branch of the farm delves into the art of sustainable cultivation and breeding, echoing the island's deep-rooted agricultural traditions. A variety of fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables are meticulously nurtured under the watchful eye of Cristoforo and Maddalena, ensuring that each crop embodies the essence of Sardinia's fertile lands. Simultaneously, the breeding of Sardinian pigs takes center stage, where quality takes precedence. These pigs, carefully reared under the principles of sustainability, provide the foundation for the production of exquisite local cured meats. The flavors and aromas of these cured delicacies are testaments to Cristoforo and Maddalena's meticulous care, echoing the time-honored techniques that have shaped Sardinia's culinary heritage.
A commitment to the land and Sardinian culture
At Il Cane Fonnese, passion for the land and animals intertwines with a deep respect for tradition, creating an unparalleled experience that is both authentic and enchanting. Cristoforo and Maddalena extend a warm welcome to visitors and enthusiasts alike, inviting them to immerse themselves in the wonders of this enchanted corner of Sardinia.

Cane Pastore Fonnese
Nuraghe Talei

Giovanni Manca farm

The Giovanni Manca Farm, located in the village of Atzara, extends its reach to the Sorgono countryside. Under Giovanni Manca's passionate and dedicated leadership, the farm excels in cattle breeding and the production of high-quality grapes, which are supplied to the esteemed Mandrolisai Winery.
The splendor of the land: an invitation to discovery
The farm's lands are a natural wonder, beckoning visitors to explore the pristine beauty of central Sardinia. Among these, the Talei estate stands out, a place of exceptional allure housing the ancient namesake nuraghe. This site is a treasure trove of archaeological and natural significance, bridging the past and present in a way that captivates every visitor. Dominating the view from the estate is the majestic San Mauro rural sanctuary, one of Sardinia's most picturesque. This sanctuary, nestled in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, serves as a haven of peace and spirituality, a focal point for the local community and pilgrims from across the island. Nearby lies the Biru 'e Concas archaeological site, home to numerous menhirs, silent sentinels of a distant past. This site offers a mesmerizing journey through Sardinia's history and culture, an unparalleled experience for those seeking to delve into the island's roots.
Explore the area with our expert local guides
We invite you to discover these enchanting places through the routes suggested on our website, or by joining tours led by local guides, partners of our portal, for an immersive and authentic experience of history, nature, and culture in the heart of Sardinia.

Agricola Urru farm

Welcome to the enchanting world of Agricola Urru, a haven of authentic agricultural passion in Atzara, at the heart of Mandrolisai, flourishing in the fertile area of Cannargiudas. Led by the dynamic and visionary Alessandro Urru, the farm stands as a symbol of commitment and love for the land.
A tale of passion
Alessandro, a young farmer, has significantly shifted the family tradition, turning a livestock farm into a lush haven of fruits and vegetables. His life choice, rooted in a direct and respectful interaction with nature, is evident in the quality and flavor of his produce. Alessandro's philosophy is straightforward: to cultivate in harmony with nature's rhythms, without forcing, but rather supporting it. This approach results in products that not only tantalize the taste buds but also tell a story of passion, tradition, and innovation.
A symphony of colors and flavors
Agricola Urru is a symphony of colors and flavors, where the fertile Mandrolisai soil yields abundant and high-quality harvests. From refreshing watermelons to juicy strawberries, sweet potatoes to crunchy green beans, zucchinis, and a variety of other vegetables, every product from our land is a tribute to biodiversity and sustainability. But there's more: Alessandro's passion also extends to olive groves, producing fine extra virgin olive oil, and to vineyards for making the exquisite Mandrolisai DOC wine.
An invitation to discovery
We invite everyone to discover the authentic taste of vegetables, grown with care and love by Alessandro and his team. Agricola Urru is more than just a farm; it's a dream that comes to life daily in the fertile soil of Mandrolisai, a dream you can taste and share. Visit Alessandro and his farm on your walks through Mandrolisai and Barbagia di Belvì, and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and goodness of his products, a testament to his unconditional love for the land.